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    Sewer Scope Inspection

    Damage to sewer lines can be more than just upsetting. It is devastating and causes serious structural as well as health issues. Fortunately, there are services like Sewer home inspection to help you prevent such distressing events. In a sewer home inspection, a trained and certified sewer home inspector examines the sewer line using high-grade equipment like a specialized borescope camera that feeds videos and images to a connected monitor to identify potential issues. It is run through your home’s drainpipe, to thoroughly examine the underground pipes for potential flaws or problems.

    The entire process doesn’t even take an hour to complete. Post the final inspection, our trained inspector will disclose all their findings in a comprehensive report along with pictures to provide better clarity and understanding. Also, they will not leave your side till the time you fully understand the report. We promise to never leave you in dark.

    If you can spot the below-mentioned signs, it’s high time you get a sewer inspection done at your home to catch the potential hazards and address them timely to save some precious bucks:

    •       Water backing up inside the house
    •       Presence of large trees in the house
    •       Shifting and movement of the ground
    •       Failure of water lines
    •       Issues with septic tank
    •       Visible cracks or damages in the line, etc.

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